About Me & My Mission


I’m Meredith, and I’m running on a mission.  Next July, my husband and I are planning on joining a large group of people on a mission trip to La Romana, Dominican Republic.   While we’re there, we’ll be helping to build medical facilities, teach children, feed families, and spread love to the poorest of bateyes and barrios.

Last year, the cost of this trip was a little more than $1,300.  My plan is to commit to running a half marathon in the spring of 2016 to raise the money for this trip.  That means, if I can raise just $100 for every hard fought mile, my trip will be covered.  I’m blogging about it to raise money and share my journey, but I also believe it’s a way I can share what the mission team is doing in the D.R. and impact the D.R. is having on the team.

Visit my YouCaring page below if you’d like to donate to my trip.  Any excess donations will go to supplies and helping those who would otherwise not have the funding to make the journey.  If you aren’t comfortable with a donation to me, I completely understand!  I only ask that you check out the mission team web page at drmissionteam.org to see what’s happening.  There you can also sponsor a child’s school education for a year or buy bags of coffee that sends proceeds to the D.R.

Thank you, I appreciate any love, support, and words of encouragement as I try to tackle something I’ve never done before (both the run and the mission trip).




In loving one another through our works we bring an increase of grace and a growth in divine love.
― Mother Teresa 


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