Last Push! 1 Week & 53% to Go!

It’s the final week to train and donate!  Today was my last long training run before the big day.  Since race day will close out my fundraiser, I’d like to go ahead and thank everyone who has supported me…both financially and with your thoughts and prayers.  I am humbled at how many of you have stopped me to ask how the running is going or to tell me that they read this post or that. I started this almost six months ago with no idea if anyone would even want to hear about my “Running on a Mission.” I hope that I’ve been able to touch at least one person’s heart with the stories of the people of the Dominican.  Rest assured, I will share more photos and stories on social media after my trip in July.

As for today, it was the last and longest of the long runs I have ever had.  I felt the entire way that God was giving me a huge test of perseverance to show me that if I could push through today, I would make it through the race next week.  I had 12 cold, gray miles this morning.  And wow, do I feel every bit like I ran 12 miles.  Yesterday, we did tons of yard work, pulling out and planting shrubs in our back yard, mulching our front yard, and planting flowers.  I was grateful to have the chance to spend time with hubby on a nice day, but I sure did feel it in my back and shoulders this morning when I woke up to run.  Hubby wasn’t sure I would make it all 12 miles.  Then somewhere around mile 6 and a half, I wiped out.  If you were driving up Main Street in town, you saw me tumble in one epic fall.  At least it was in the grass.  I wasn’t hurt (except my pride), but laying there on the ground made me cool down so that I became cold.  I stopped by home at mile seven hoping to dust myself off and make sure nothing was actually hurt.  Big mistake.  I cooled off even further.  I finished out the next five miles shivering in my own sweat.

BUT I finish the 12 miles.  I got very close to my goal time as well, which I think means that as long as I don’t bite the dust again next weekend, I should have a race I’m happy with.  Something just keeps telling me that if I was able to finish out today, I should feel good next weekend.

I hope to report a healthy finish and one step closer to the D.R. next weekend to all of you. Thank you again for your support and generosity.  If you’d like to donate before the race, there is still time.  You can check out the link below.



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