25% Funded, 2 Weeks to Go

Two weeks to race day and I’m a quarter of the way to my fundraising goal!  (Ok, technically 15 days).  The good news is that the weather last week was so fantastic.  I took my long run on Sunday in what had to be near 70 degree temps and shining sun.  It was so pretty outside I explored a whole new neighborhood in town.  The bad news is that this week I ended up in management meetings that meant long hours interspersed with conference calls.  I tried to find time to run early one morning and I only got in 3 miles.  The next day I tried to run late to squeeze in more miles and somewhere around mile 4.5 the rain started pouring and I saw lightning.  Thankfully hubby jumped in the car to rescue me.  Today I never even made it on my run due to changes in my schedule.  Now I hear we are supposed to have a Nor’easter roll through Sunday.  I’ll be out bright and early Saturday to squeeze in my 11 miles before the weather turns gnarly.  As a side note, 11 miles is the farthest I’ve ever run.  Pray for me.

Aside from the great weather this weekend, I got some more information about our mission trip to the Dominican.  Specifically, this week we learned about how to stay healthy in the D.R.   We talked about vaccinations and anti malaria meds.  I think those things are sort of expected when going to a tropical environment to work.  We also talked about sunscreen, bug spray, and hydration.  If there’s something I know well, it’s about the need for sunscreen.  Anyone out there know how much can reasonably be packed in a checked bag?  I run every day (even in the winter) with a little sunscreen on my face.  Last weekend, I relied on my daily moisturizer with spf and ended the night feeling like my nose was a little rosy.  You can imagine how hours in the equatorial sun must take a toll on my fair skin.  So, if you all could go ahead and say a prayer for me and whatever poor checkout clerk has to scan 15 bottles of baby faces for me before my trip.

At least I can guarantee this…as I gear up to run out ahead of a Nor’easter this weekend, I’ll be happy to think about ANY environment where I would need multiple bottles of sunscreen.  I can only hope and pray at this point that in 15 days, our weather will be somewhere between snow and the tropics.  I’ll ask for a few big prayers this week:

  • Reduced stress, especially in my schedule as we come so close to race day
  • healthy legs and body as I run my longest distance yet this weekend (and health up to race day)
  • A good final push with fundraising on my youcaring page (link below) and at our fundraising event April 1st.

Thank you friends.





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