Hello, Sunshine

I will go ahead and apologize that that is post will be just as short as it is late for the week.  It’s been so sunny and nice for the past three days, that the only real choice for me was how to spend some hours soaking in the great outdoors.  When the Good Lord sees fit to give you early March days filled with sunshine in the 60’s and 70’s, you don’t dare sit in front of your computer blogging.  The good news is, that means that with just 3 weeks to race day, I’ve logged some good road training.

Since I can freely admit that I’ve been thinking more about the beautiful weather and my Vitamin D intake this week instead of what I’d write here, I’ll just give you another shameless pitch for the big Dominican Republic Mission Team Experience.

silent auction

So, come one, come all and see what the Mission Team is all about.  There will be great food and some fabulous silent auction items.  I know for fact that we have ski lift tickets as well as seats at the New Haven Symphony.  There will also be a raffle for an Apple Watch and a Big Screen TV along with live music. You can also check out different areas of the team’s work.  You can talk to team members who have been and see exactly what the medical clinics are working on or how the teachers at our sponsor school are supported. You’ll be able to check out plenty of photos like the ones below.  Hope to see you there!  Save the date for April 1st!


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