Cool Runnings

7 weeks to race day and it’s cool runnings.  Pun intended.  This weekend, the wind chills are going to be in the -25 to -30 range.  Yikes!  I’ve been trying to figure a way to run my scheduled 8 miles outside all week.  I’ve determined it’s jut not going to happen.  At least I got a solid 7 miles in this past sunny sunday.  I confess, I’ll need some prayer to gut through 8 miles on a treadmill.  If you see me at the YMCA on Saturday morning, I’m sure I could use a cheer of affirmation. Or a movie recommendation.

In all seriousness, I cannot complain too much.  We have had a relatively warm and sunny winter up until the past two weeks or so.  We’ve had some snow, but nothing like last year.  I’ve also learned that having to jump over giant plowed piles of snow aids in agility, or at least that’s what I’m telling myself.

It’s kind of hard to believe I’m 7 weeks out from the fundraising race that will send me on my mission trip to the Dominican.  That means we are also 7 weeks out from our fundraising silent auction that I posted about last week, and a mere four months and change from sitting on a plane down to La Romana. In light of that and the fact that we’ve really embraced the cold over the past few days, I’ll put in a plug for my hubby’s fundraising efforts.  He’s been making strides to get some great items for the silent auction.  He’s scored some lift tickets to several area resorts and some seats at the New Haven Symphony.  Major kudos to him, and if those sound like fun, check out the silent action on April 1st!

If you’d like to buy tickets to the auction, see me or my hubby.  If you’d like to donate to my race, check out the link below.  And if you’d give me some good TV show or movie recommendations to push through an hour and half on a treadmill Saturday morning, leave me a comment!  Thanks for the love and support!



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