I’m 20% to Goal!

Guess what friends?  I’m 12 weeks from race day and 20% to my fundraising goal!  In even bigger news, we’re about 6 months from the mission trip and team meetings have started.  These 12 weeks and 6 months are going to be gone in an instant, I’m sure!  So, now that I have had the chance to meet with the team for the 2016 mission trip, I’ll fill you all in with some great details.

First things first, our trip down to the Dominican will begin July 1 and span through July 10.  Other teams are going on other dates, but this is when hubby and I will be traveling.  If you aren’t interested or able to check out the donate page, would you commit to praying for us those dates?  Additionally, we’ve gotten the good word that my father and mother in law will be joining us on the trip.  My father in law is the pastor of a Chinese Church in the metro Atlanta area and I can’t wait to see how God speaks across languages.

So, what exactly will greet us when we get to the Dominican?  This team we are traveling with has been going for 25 years and they’ve been able to change the landscape a bit with the help of other teams and the local population year round.

  • The Good Samaritan Hospital is not quite done, but it’s already seeing 50,000 patients each year and now employs 450 people.
  • The Joe Hartman School sees 250 kids through it’s doors each day with the gracious help of teachers who give of themselves and sponsors who give just a little extra money to make sure these kids receive education for the future. If you are interested in sponsoring a child at Joe Hartman School, visit drmissionteam.org or check out “the Joe Hartman School Project” on Facebook. (Just $180/year sends a child to school for the whole year).
  • Fifty for 50.  This was a project to rebuild the corrugated metal houses in Bateye 50.  Dilapidated and leaky homes have been replaced with cinder block and concrete homes with sturdy roofs.

And, what will we be doing while we are there:

  • Mobile Medical Clinics.  Not everyone needs or can make it to the hospital.  We have nurses, doctors, and other clinicians who will be giving of their time in different bateyes and barrios each day.
  • Teaching teams will go to the Joe Hartman school to encourage, to read to the kids, to  share teaching strategies, and to bring new tools for learning such as books, pencils, and games.
  • Fifty for 50 will be building it’s last few homes.  If all goes to plan, our team will complete the last home to be built in Bateye 50 on July 9th.  The next huge request in the Fifty for 50 project will be beds.  Almost none of the families have beds.  They sleep on mattresses on the floor or on piles of clothing.  The goal will be to price, build, and deliver beds to families.
  • Fulfilling Smiles will be delivering food to families in each community.  In a previous post, I mentioned that there has been a drought and many families have been without work.  That means they’ve been without food as well.
  • A sustainable food garden is in the works.  We’ll keep the work up with an irrigation system so that even when work is light, families can still work to have food.
  • There will be an Evangelism team.  Last year, this team married a couple who desperately wanted to be joined in matrimony.  Who knows what will happen this year.
  • And possibly my favorite:  Special Events.  There is a movie night each year where a generator is brought from the hospital and a family movie is played outside.    Dominicans and Americans alike gather around for wholesome fun and night at the movies.  There’s also Joe Hartman Day.  The best way I can describe it having never been is like a “field day.”  I heard great stories in our meeting about how fascinated the kids of the Dominican are with the kids that will be coming down on our trip with us.  They get mission teams with plenty of adults, but what they really want is to see other kids like them.  Worlds away, and we’re not really all that different.

I know I’ve left things out, but if you think all of this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, check out drmissionteam.org.  If you’re not ready to make that kind of leap, but you’d like to donate to my fundraiser and send me to the Dominican, you can check out the donate link on this blog or go directly to my youcaring.com page at the link below.


If you can’t tell, I’m starting to get excited…and starting to think “Wow, we’re actually doing this.”  Would you please continue to cheer me on as I run 13.1 to raise 1.31?


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