Week 10: It’s almost Christmas

It’s been busy at my house with Christmas quickly approaching. I’m sure everyone else can relate.  I’ve been diligent with my training runs, but posting anything about my running or the mission trip, not so much.

Today was fantastic, though.  Today was 60 something degrees a mere 13 days before Christmas in New England.  I had my windows open, no joke.  As I ran my 7 miles in the sunshine and spring-like weather, I had time to clear my head and think.

You see, next week we have a solid twelve hour drive with two dogs and Christmas gifts in tow to go visit with family.  I can now fully appreciate all the twelve hour drives my mom and dad made with two annoying kids (that’d be me and my sister) in the back seat every Christmas break.

In preparation for this trip, we’ve been finishing up projects at work, working later, getting our cars checked out, cleaning up our house, last minute Christmas shopping, and baking some home-made love in the form of cookies for our neighbors. I can’t be the only one who needs to have a clean house to come home to when they drop their bags back inside the door from a trip.

I got to thinking on my run about how we also need to clean out our refrigerator before we go.  When I planned for our meals this week, I thought up how to use the last of the milk, and that last little bit of shredded cheddar.  Oh, and I have an entire bag of carrots that have to go into something. I’m open to ideas for that one.  I got to thinking about how privileged the notion of “cleaning out my fridge” even is.  How ludicrous must it sound to a woman in the barrios of the Dominican Republic that I would have access to and money for enough food that I would have excess at the end of a week.  I have so much of some things I am literally looking for ways to use them and get rid of them lest they spoil.   How privileged am I?  And how many times have I stood with the doors to my fridge open wide and thought “hmmm, nothing good in here?”

I’m not here to make any of us feel bad for enjoying our morning smoothie or the impulse purchase at the grocery store.  I simply realized today how easy it is to forget that our privilege is evident at this time of year not just by the gifts we receive or the cars we drive to visit with family.   We are blessed with full bellies and access to food like so many aren’t.

If you would like to read more about the hunger facing residents of Hispanola (the island shared by Hait and the Dominican Republic), there are some resources below.  Even more importantly if you would like to find out about Fulfilling Smiles, a program for food distribution on the mission trip I’m raising money for, you can check their link out as well.



If you’d like to donate to the Fulfilling Smiles program, check out the above link for the Dominican Mission Team (the link will direct you to the “how to help” page but you can check out all the programs our team is involved in from here).

If you’d like to donate to my race and help to send me on the trip next year, check out the youcaring account below.


I hope you all have a great Christmas!  My posts may be sporadic due to travel and great family time over the holidays. I hope I have great photos of God’s great creation and great training runs while I’m in the mountains.  I hope you get to see beauty all around you as well.


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