Week 5 update

I officially ran over half the distance of the race last weekend!

In the stamina department, 7 miles felt good.  In the right knee…not so much.  I’ve been battling some bursitis.  At around mile 6, my right knee was telling me it was time for some medication.   Once I got home, I took some Aleve and put my feet up while my half bath was torn apart by my sweet dad and husband and then put back together again.  (I repaid in chili, home made apple sauce, and steak kebabs).

I’ve had bursitis before, so I know that a little rest and a several day regimen of NSAIDs will do the job.  I waited to take my Monday 4 mile run on Tuesday and hoped for the best.

Tuesday was beautiful.  It was 70 degrees.  My knee felt great.  Everyone was out.  Dogs were walked.  Voters were walking to the polls.  Campaigners were out.  Every runner on the way waved at me as I passed.  The leaves hadn’t all fallen off the trees, so I was running on a carpet of alternating reds, yellows, and oranges all while having a canopy of the same colors overhead.  One one stretch, I looked up to what could only be described as a chandelier of color above my head (God paints beautiful pictures).  I couldn’t help but think the whole scene was exactly what America looks like.

Then my thoughts turned to how lucky I am to live here with painted fall colors, a say in my local and national government, homes old enough that George Washington passed through them, and the Aleve to allow me to run past it all.  My thoughts turned to the mission trip to the Dominican (for which I run).  Something as simple as a pain reliever can be hard to get in the bateyes.  Teams throughout the year here collect pain killers and other over the counter medicines to take to the clinics being built so that young children can have fevers reduced and old men and women can ease aching joints.

Would you consider donating to my mission trip on the donate tab?  If not, would you consider donating medications?  You can checkout drmissionteam.org/how-help to learn how to donate or sponsor a child’s education.

Here’s to another good week, great weather, and an easy four mile run tomorrow.


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