Week 4 update

The last week has been crazy busy at our house. We definitely filled our dance card and didn’t think about taking a break!  Thankfully, I squeezed in 6 miles between bible study, major home depot trips, baby showers, and conference calls.

I was worried that I’d be really cold last weekend on my 35 degree run, but it felt invogoratingly good.  Today, it was raining and the wind was blowing so hard, I had to do my 3.5 miles on the “dread-mill.”  If anyone can find a way to make that machine more enjoyable, please let me know.  I’m pretty convinced I’d rather wear five layers and run outside all this New England winter than have to do much more than 30 minutes on the hamster wheel.

In any event, I haven’t been able to give much thought to the blog this week, so instead, I thought I’d share my favorite crock pot recipes that keep me sane on weeks like this.  These will keep me right on through the seven miles I will run this Saturday and the bathroom renovation we are doing with my dad.  I told you, we filled our schedule to the brim.

My favorite, sanity keeping crock pot recipes:

I’m a rebel on the below black bean soup recipe. You seriously cannot over-cook it, so I ignore the suggested time. Sometimes this bad boy goes for nine hours in the crock pot.


Tuscan white bean soup.  We toss in leftover grilled chicken or turkey if we have it.


This lentil soup is so easy, and I toss in veggies I want to clean out of my fridge.  Last time, it was parsnips.


And lest you think I only feed my husband legumes:

Crock pot carnitas.  Sometimes these turn into tacos, sometimes burrito bowls, sometimes quesadillas.


Chicken Cacciatore.  We let this one go on Sunday while we were at church. It makes enough that we had it for Sunday supper as well as tonight as a quick meal.


And the last one I’ll throw your way is chicken and rice soup.  This one takes a little extra prep, but it feels something like the comfort of grandma’s cooking on a cold night.


I’ll likely have other posts where I share the ways we’ve figured out how to squeeze another 20 minutes out of our days.  I imagine we’ll be employing those strategies more as my training runs get longer.  In the mean time, I can look forward to our scheduled relaxation weekend in a few weeks.  If you’ve never scheduled one of those, do it.  You need a season of rest every once in a while and the only way to get it in this crazy world is to mark it as untouchable on your calendar.

Until then, I’ll be huffing out another seven miles.

Happy trails,



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