Race Day is Set! (week 2 updates)

We have a race!  Today I registered for the April Fools Half Marathon in East Haddam (and that’s no joke).  April 2nd of 2016, I’ll be 13.1 miles closer to my mission trip to the Dominican!

I chose this race for a few reasons:

  1. It’s close to home.  I want to be able to have hubby and any other local support from the D.R. Mission team to cheer me on either on the race day or as close to race day as possible.
  2. It’s outside.  I must admit, waiting until April 2nd seems like forever.  BUT, the only races I found nearby right after Christmas are on an indoor track.  I’m not sure about any of you guys, but the thought of running in a circle over 52 times sounded somewhere between watching paint dry and chinese water torture.
  3. It’s relatively small.  Not too many people know this, but large crowds stress me out pretty badly.  I passed on going up into the Eiffel Tower for this reason (to my husband’s disbelief).  I refuse the mall at Christmas time and the grocery store the day before Thanksgiving.  I stand on the outskirts of the farmer’s market and wait for hubby to pick our produce.  So, as much as the “Rah Rah” notion of running a big race like the Rock N Roll in D.C. sounds good, I’m not sure I’m ready to run my first half with 25,000 runners and spectators.

As for this week, last Saturday’s “long” run was 4 miles.  They were the first miles of training that felt really, intensely, negative splits good.  This weekend, I’ll do 5 miles.  I’ve done 5 a handful of times before, so this won’t be new territory.  I’ll be on my church retreat this weekend, so it will be a test of discipline.   I know I’ll be there with so many others who plan on going on the same mission trip next year, so I’m pretty excited for a great, crisp, Autumn weekend to get to know each and every one of them more.  I know we’ll all bring great personalities and hearts of love to the Dominican.

As always, If you’d like to donate to my mission trip, click on the Donate page of my blog for secure donation links through YouCaring.  Otherwise, pray for great weather and open hearts this weekend, and I’d ask everyone to pray that April 2nd, 2016 has no snow, no rain, and no below freezing temperatures!

Happy weekend ahead to you all,



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